Introducing 512 Fit Club

June 10, 2009

Everyone Welcome at 512 Fit Club!

It’s FUN, it’s FREE and it’s for YOU!

512 Fit Club is a FREE, fun workout using videos from the Beachbody collection. If you have seen or heard about the incredible results from using Beachbody programs include: P90X, Turbo Jam & Hip Hop Abs, just to name a few, you can now come preview them at 512 Fit Club.

Interested in a Beachbody program? Want to make healthier eating choices? We’ll help you get on a program that is right for you & show you how important the role healthy eating plays in your fitness plan.

If you WANT to workout, but CANNOT find the time to get to the gym, THIS free club IS for you! We ARE the alternative to the gym!

512 Fit Club & Team Beachbody is where good health & fitness are supported by a unique peer community & coaching network to help you get the results you want & deserve!


*A unique, fun & innovative way to attain skills, workout & learn about Beachbody products.

*All levels welcome. Skills modified & enhanced for your level. We will workout for approximately 30-45 minutes then we will have samples of Shakeology and the Recovery Drink available. Then you can head back to work. If you would like to learn more about saving 25% on the Beachbody products and joining the Beachbody team, we will have a 15 minute Business Opportunity Meeting after the workout if anyone wants to stay.

*Have FUN, MEET health conscious, POSITIVE & MOTIVATING people


*BEST of all…it’s FREE!

Join our Fit Club, commit to your health & let’s do this together!
*Personal trainers & other fitness individuals are welcome to find out how to become coaches on our team*